Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"They should have Autism too"

On our way to a play today, "Munscha Mia" at Carousel Theatre on Granville Island, we were reading Robert Munsch books on the way.

We read Down the Drain, then began "Stephanies Ponytail'

In Stephanies story - Stephanie wants a ponytail, wears it to school.. everyone calls her ugly (agh!) then the next day they all copy her and wear ponytails. Each day Stephanie does a different type of ponytail.. kids call her ugly.. then they copycat her the next day.

I commented to Jordan..those are the sheeple son, those are the ones that follow what everyone does, without discovering and being what is special in them. It's good to be following your own path, show your creativity, be unique and original...

"They should have Autism too" was his reply!

Later he explained, when asked.. he wishes they could have autism, so they can be creative and be themsevles, not copycats..

Beautiful son, I think your right.. more autism might just make a better world! thanks for sharing your thoughts. you rock!

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  1. I'd enjoy seeing life through Jordan's eyes and mind ...even for a day!
    Thanks for the thoughts.