Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reminders to me from Jordan

Like many households, we've got some coughs and aches and pains over here. Tries patience, makes tasks feel bigger than they are.

I was in the kitchen, ready to unload and reload dishwasher, opened it up to find they were all dirty still! Agh. Counters already full, I didn't even have room to empty the dirty stuff! Frustrating! I began my "quiet" complaining.

My son in the living room, as always is talking away to me, unknowing if I'm listening or not. Then " mom, you HAVE to see this"

"Jordan you know I'm busy in the kitchen right now, you can bring your book in here"

"No.. you MUST come and see this star wars set" (he's reading the lego Star wars collection encylopedia)

"Jordan, I'm busy in the kitchen, and having a very hard time"


"Jordan, I'm having a hard time, it is not kind of you to ignore someone having a hard time and insist they come pay attention to you. If you want me to come look, You will first need to either - offer to help the person in need,offer words of sympathy or an offer to hug it out. And I returned to the kitchen.

"MOM - what's a word of sympathy?"

And that stopped me. Once again, I'd forgotten ! Assumed he knew what to say, that he'd heard me say it and knew how to apply it.

For years, I'd helped him thru lifes situations, giving him the words, saying them out loud so he could repeat them and learn them, why did i think that was done?

thank you Jordan! I am in awe of your loving heart. As soon as I'd mentioned there was something you COULD do to help, you asked how in your own way. You wanted to help me, I'd just forgotten to give you the tools to do so.

"Jordan - words of sympathy would be something like "I'm sorry your having such a hard time right now" And so he repeated it back and gave me a hug too!

Thank you son, I do feel better now. Thanks for the reminders.